Slic3r PE: Slowly decrease bed temperature while printing

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The default Prusa i3 MK3 profile sets the heatbed temperature to 60 °C for PLA filament. But after a few layers the heatbed musn’t keep that temperature. I wanted to slowly decrease the temperature after a few layers. In my case from 60 °C to 20 °C in 5 °C steps after every third layer. You can add custom G-code in slic3r for different events. For example at print start or end, before and after a layer change etc. My first approach was adding this to the “after layer” section:

{if bed_temperature > 20 and layer_num % 3}M140 S{bed_temperature - 5}{endif}

However this is not possible because the modulo operator is not available. Sadly, you have to code out this pice of code with nested conditons:

{if filament_type[0] == "PLA" }
{if layer_num == 5}M140 S{50}
{elsif layer_num == 15}M140 S40
{elsif layer_num == 20}M140 S30

Add it to Printer Settings -> Custom G-code -> After layer change G-code. The schematic should be self explaining. This code is only used when your selected filament material is PLA.

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