Starting a dedicated Insurgency Sandstorm server on linux

Insurgency Sandstorm finally has a dedicated Server for Linux. And here is how to install it: Download and Install the gameserver files Download the steamcmd bundle: :-$ wget Unpack it and start the steamcmd: :-$ tar xfvz steamcmd_linux.tar.gz :-$ ./ You should be greeted with an login prompt: Steam> Then execute these three commands in a row: Steam>force_install_dir sandstorm Steam>login anonymous Connecting anonymously to Steam Public. Weiterlesen →

Copy cisco config to mac using built in tftp

Mac has a built in tftp server so doing a backup from a cisco switch is pretty easy. Just start it, create a file and then start a transfert. Start the tftp server: sudo launchctl load -F /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/tftp.plist sudo launchctl start Move to /private/tftpboot and create the file cisco. Also chmod it to 777. :-$ cd /private/tftpboot :-$ touch cisco :-$ chmod 777 cisco Now copy your config from the switch: Weiterlesen →

Cisco SG-350: SSH pubkey key auth

I wanted to activate ssh public key authentication on my Cisco SG-350 10 Port manged switch. And it was a pain in the ass because of the slightly different CLI syntax. First of all enable ssh. This requires a configured and working IP address on the switch: SwitchR#conf t SwitchR(config)#ip ssh server SwitchR(config)#ip ssh pubkey-auth auto-login SSH pubkey authentication is now enabled. Now you have to add an ssh key to your user. Weiterlesen →

UniFi access point, Cisco switch and native VLAN

Today I’ve thrown out my Dlink managed switch and replaced it with a Cisco SG350 I’ve bought “cheap” on Amazon. I’m now able to properly configure VLANs. Thankfully my UniFi AP AC Lite can map each WLAN to a VLAN. However I struggled a bit with traffic not flowing as I wanted. The setup I wanted: VLAN 3 is my VLAN in which all normal devices are. It only contains trusted devices and the only firewall rule for this network is any to any Access point IP address (for management, etc): 10. Weiterlesen →

Stream the Raspberry Pi Cam to Twitch

After getting bad results with my shitty webcam (< 10 fps) I’ve upgraded to a Raspberry Pi Cam v2 without integrated infrared filter (NoIR). I’ve bought it from Amazon (🖇️ 🔐) together with an 1m cable (🖇️ 🔐) . The Raspberry Pi Cam v2 can output 1080p30 (and better) in a really nice quality. By turning the lense you are also able to adjust the focus easily. But the best part is the native h264 output. Weiterlesen →

Stream a webcam to Twitch over a Raspberry Pi

I wanted to stream a webcam connected to my headless Raspberry Pi (also running OctoPrint) to Twitch. The problem: The encoding in h264 is a ressource hog. But thankfully somebody reverse engineered the hardware acceleration and made it open source. You can stream directly to Twitch using ffmpeg. But you habe to compile it with the ONX encoder. Hardware used is a Raspberry Pi 3 running a headless Raspbian and a Logitech C270 webcam. Weiterlesen →

Preparing a customized Raspbian image

I wanted to build a customized Raspbian image (.img-File) so I just have to dd it onto a sdcard and the finished os is booting. Stuff I wanted to customize: systemd should start the sshd right away (enabled service). In the default image it’s not started automatically Remove the pi user and the sudo file for it Create my own user and add a ssh key Problems: Weiterlesen →

Schießtraining in Bad Abbach

Zu meinem Geburtstag hab ich mich selbst beschenkt. Ein Schießtraining in Bad Abbach. Bis jetzt kannte ich nur Schrechschuss und Luftgewehr bzw. -Pistole. Laut Eventbeschreibung schiest man mit einer Walther PPK und einen Revolver. Ich bin ziemlich froh, dass die Walther PPK durch eine Heckler und Koch SFP9 ersetzt wurde. Die SFP9 wurde für die Bayrische Polizei entwickelt und soll dieses Jahr im Herbst ausgerollt werden. Beim Event hat man also eine klassische Waffe und eine moderne zur Verfügung. Weiterlesen →

PGP: Trust keys non-interactive with ansible

Distributing PGP keys with ansible is easy, but trusting them is a bit difficult, because trusting them is an interactive process with no command switch. To go around this problem you have to use the ownertrust feature. Ownerturst is a text file which contains the fingerprint and the trust level. This file can be imported without user interaction. First step is to distribute the key to your target machine. You can do this for example with the copy module: Weiterlesen →

Astra J OPC: TÜV mit ASG Klappenauspuff

Kaum zu glauben, aber ich habe tatsächlich ohne Rückbau der Abgasanlage beim ersten Versuch die Haupt- und Abgasuntersuchung bestanden. Die Zeit, die dich beim TÜV verbracht habe werde ich aber so schnell nicht mehr vergessen. Am 02. Mai 2018 in aller frühe hatte ich den Termin. Vorbereitung und Anmeldung Am Tag vorher bin ich ein mal durch’s Auto und habe alles entfernt, was nicht gebraucht wurde. Das Auto war quasi im Auslieferungszustand. Weiterlesen →