Install Icinga 2 on pfSense 2.3

Achtung! Dieser Artikel ist älter als ein Jahr. Der Inhalt ist möglicherweise nicht mehr aktuell!

pfSense 2.3 is using FreeBSD 10.3 as base. Needless to say that my firewall has to be in my monitoring. The install procedure isn’t as easy as expected.

pfSense 2.3 is since this version fully using the pkg infrastucture which should be well known by the BSD users. But it doesn’t provide a „pkg –install-dependencies“ command :-( You have to resolve them by hand. The needed links are:,1.txz

Each link have to be used with „pkg install “. For example:

:-$ pkg install

After all these steps you can normally work with Icinga 2. The config files are not stored the Linux way unter /etc/icinga2 but under /usr/local/etc/icinga2.

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