Ubuntu 15.10/16.04 – Swap center und bass/LFE on 5.1 audio output

Achtung! Dieser Artikel ist älter als ein Jahr. Der Inhalt ist möglicherweise nicht mehr aktuell!

I’m using an USB sound card on my laptop, because due to missing audio jacks I can’t connect them directly to it. The sound card is recognized by Ubuntu 15.10 or 16.04 as „CM106 Like Sound Device“. The problem ist that the center- and bass/LFE-speakers are swapped. I know that this wasn’t so in Ubuntu 15.04.

To get them in the right order again you open your terminal and open the file under /usr/share/pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/profile-sets/default.conf as root. In there you can find the following config block:

This is the standard profile for 5.1 output. In the GUI this is used when „Analog Surround 5.1 Output“ is selected. To change center- and bass/LFE-speakers you adjust the channel-map line like the following:

After a reboot the new settings should apply. Or you can just kill the pulse audio daemon:

I would not use the GUI tool to check the bass/LFE-Speaker, because the sampe doesn’t sound so. If you don’t have a good sample you can search on YouTube for bass bosted music to check you config. If you speaker or headset isn’t shaking now it’s probably broken.

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