Logitech G930 and Ubuntu 15.10 / 16.04

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My loved Roccat Kave died from cable break and is now not usable anymore. I’ve had it for round about 6 years and was replaces two times (each because of cable break). I don’t want to buy a new one because I wanted a cordless headet. The benefits are

There are a few negative aspects as well: You are limited in the range the headset operates and when the battery is low it’s a wired headset again.

I decided that I want a cordless headset. For me it was important that it has to work in Ubuntu because I don’t have Windows. I’ve had a closer look on the Logitech G930 which costs currently round about 105 € on Amazon. Explicit Linux support is stated neither on the the product sice nor on the vendor site.

I did some reseach on my favourite search engine. I found some forum postings which states that it’ll work.

The result

The headset is recognized on Ubuntu as Logitech G930 but not as a 7.1 device.

But that’s not all. It’s only recognized as a stereo device and only using the front speakers. The side and rear speakers are not used. You can find a workaround below to fix that issue.

The problem is not he XHCI driver in Linux or the USB 3.0 ports. The issue is the Logitech software which – as statet above – is only available for Windows. Without it’s driver no 7.1 signal is sent to the headset.

I’ve asked the Logitech support and asked if they plan to support Linux in the future. I had to post three requests until somebody finally answered me:

They won’t support any other system than Microsoft Windows and that there is no plans on changing this in the future.

In the future Logitech products aren’t an option anymore.

Workaround for full stereo support

To get all speakers to work and thus having full stereo support you have to tweak the Pule Adio Daemon a bit. Open the file _/etc/pulse/daemon.conf as root and append _

at the end of the file. After a reboot all speakers are used.


I’ve used the headset for round about 20 days. I’ve primary choosen a 7.1 headset because I sometimes play games. In daily life I can resign of using a surround sound. But buying a 7.1 headset for 100 € and just getting stereo in the end is not a plan. I’ll return it.

I’ve already choosen the replacement. I ordered the Roccat Kave XTD für 89,99 € from Amazon. This headset has „just „5.1 surround sound but has good old jacks. With that system I’ll have surround sound on every operating system.

Side fact: This headset is also available with pure USB. Roccat has released the needed drivers under an open source licence and prebuild linux drivers. I’ve had enough of USB for quite some time now.

Further Reading

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